Classic Müesli rated no.1 ‘Posh Muesli’ in The Times today, June 12th

Amanda Ursell, Times 2 nutritionist writes today : Kate’s Originals Classic Muesli “This Sophisticated organic handmade blend of 100 per cent British-grown oats, barley and rye is wheat and dairy free. It has no added sugar or salt and is naturally high in fibre.”

To buy my Classic Müesli please see my stockist list or pop into your nearest branch of Wholefoods Market or for mail order nationwide please visit (see pantry) also available for doorstep delivery in London and surrounding areas from mention Kate’s Originals when ordering to receiver your free £5 discount off your first order.

Kate’s Originals are also available in all Revital Stores , Bayley & Sage (Wimbledon), Petersham Nurseries, Olivers Wholefoods (Kew), The Richmond Hill Bakery and many more – see full stockist list.

I hope you enjoy the difference that makes the difference – muesli at it’s very finest!

2 thoughts on “Classic Müesli rated no.1 ‘Posh Muesli’ in The Times today, June 12th

  1. Kate Muesli Post author

    Great to hear! Say goodbye to those mid-morning hunger pangs. Try my Fruity Porridge too, packed with sticky dates and juicy apricots and a hint of cinnamon to regulate blood pressure.


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